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The Washington State Transhumanist Party was founded on August 1st, 2020. You can find the official copy of the Constitution and Bylaws here.

Joining the Washington State Transhumanist Party is free, fast and easy! Just fill out this form, and in seconds you are part of the leading edge movement of the future!

Mount Rainier – credit Julie DiVerde

There are 2 types of membership. If you are a legal resident of the Great State of Washington and age 18 or older, you can become a Member. If you live outside of the state of Washington or are under the age of 18, then you can become an Allied Member.

Both Members and Allied Members can vote on any issues within the Washington State Transhumanist Party. We want the input, energy and ideas that people from across planet Earth have to offer!

Allied Members can be of any age, gender, nationality, ethnicity, or place of residence, including any star system within our galaxy. No discrimination will be tolerated.

However, only Members can vote in official Washington State elections (because that’s the law!).

Sunrise – credit Gennady Stolyarov II

You can send all inquiries regarding the Washington State Transhumanist Party, membership possibilities, and activities to Mike DiVerde, Chief Executive Officer, at

Anyone interested in membership may join the Washington State Transhumanist Party Facebook group.

No discrimination will be tolerated. Egregious or repeated bullying, name-calling, or any other abuse will result in removal from membership in the Washington State Transhumanist Party. The Chief Executive Officer has complete authority in determining any member’s status, including expulsion.

Mt Rainier
Image credit: Julie DiVerde